Home made soup of the day £4.25
served with brown bread or oatcakes GF available

Childs portion £3.00

Sandwiches & Toasties
freshly prepared and served with dressed side salad, home made coleslaw & crisps. Brown or white bread, GF available Sandwich

Scottish cheddar & home made chutney £4.95/ £5.15
Tuna mayo & red onion (optional) £5.50/£5.70
Simply ham & cheese £5.50/£5.70
Egg mayonnaise £4.95
BLT – bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo £5.50
Locally smoked salmon with cream cheese & a side of Viv's dill sauce £6.95
Loch torridon squat lobster with marie rose mayonnaise £6.95
Half & half seafood sandwich, smoked salmon & squat lobster £6.95

Side of dill sauce or home made chutney 20p

Childs sandwich £3.00
Half a sandwich, crisps & something healthy!

Soup & sandwich combo £5.50
(seafood sandwich £6.50) soup & sandwich without the trimmings

Hot smoked salmon pate £6.50
Locally smoked salmon pate served with oatcakes, dresses side salad & a chunk of lemon. GF oatcakes available

Hot smoked salmon salad £11.95
Smoked locally at loch torridon smoke house, served with dressed salad, homemade coleslaw, a chunk of lemon, Viv's dill sauce & brown bread & butter.


Langoustine salad £12.95
Loch torridon langoustine, caught daily by Frosty, our friendly fisherman! Served in the shell with dressed side salad, home made coleslaw, a chunk of lemon, marie rose mayonnaise & brown bread & butter.

Bacon roll £2.75
Double egg roll £2.50
Bacon & egg roll £3.00
Beans on toast with cheese sunshine on a plate! £3.00
Round of toast with butter & jam or marmalade £1.50
Jammy piece £1.50

Freshly made porridge piping hot, served with cream & honey on the side. £3.00

Capaldi's dairy ice cream - made in the highlands
Single scoop waffle cone £1.95
Double scoop waffle cone £2.50
Bowls & take away tubs (per scoop) £1.20
Cadbury's flake 30p

Please see the black board for our wide selection of freshly ground coffee, speciality loose leaf teas, ice cream milkshakes, smoothies and hot chocolate.
You will also find an extensive choice of chilled drinks in the fridge.

Eunice's home made scones served with butter & jam £2.40
or fresh cream, butter and jam £2.90

Cakes & tray bakes
please see the counter for today's selection of freshly made goodies from £2.00



Please speak to a member of staff about your requirements before ordering.



One of the most frequently asked questions in Nanny's so thought I would write a wee explanation!

The shellfish sold at Nanny's is all caught locally in Loch Torridon and Loch Shieldaig. My husband Frosty is one of about ten local fisherman, he works alone but some larger boats require one crew member. All the fishing boats are moored in the sheltered bay at Ardheslaig which you will have passed if you have travelled the coast road to or from Applecross. All the boats fish locally and return daily.

About 70 creels or 'pots' as they are sometimes known, are tied together on a length of rope, this is called a 'fleet of creels'. A piece of bate, such as salted herring, is placed in each creel before they are thrown overboard. The creels sit on the seabed for one or two days until the fishermen return to haul their creels and land their catch.

Langoustine, crabs and lobsters are all caught locally using the creel method of fishing which is much kinder to the sea bed that trawler fishing. Most of the shellfish is exported to Spain and France by local seafood export companies, but thankfully, we keep some for ourselves so the customers at Nanny's are able to enjoy the local seafood as they sit looking at the Loch where it was caught. You might even see Frosty's little red boat out there!

Despite its name the squat lobster is not a true lobster at all but a member of a separate family – Galatheidae – which makes them closer to species of small crabs than lobsters. Despite this the name squat lobster appears to have stuck to this species, probably because superficially they do look closer to lobsters than crabs.

Squat lobsters are caught as a by product in langoustine creels but, unlike langoustine, 'squats' do not travel well and are therefore only available fresh where they are landed. Squat lobsters are smaller than langoustine and slightly sweeter in taste. If you like a prawn mayonnaise sandwich, you'll love Frosty's squats!

Fishing is weather dependant so while we try our very best to have local shellfish available to our customers this is sometimes not possible so apologies in advance if this was the case when you visited.